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David Hockney set off a 200 Million yuan "Big Splash" Sotheby's Late Shooting in London captured 834 Million y

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    As the confusion and panic of "brexit" gradually subsided, the art market quickly returned to its original track. In the second important auction of London's modern and contemporary art season in February 2020, Sotheby's walked out of the previous downturn and showed the strength of the old auction house with a beautiful "victory".

    On the evening of February 11, London contemporary art held up its hammer as scheduled. Forty four of the 47 pieces were successfully sold, with a turnover rate of 93.6%. The total turnover reached 92.488 million pounds (equivalent to 834 million yuan). In the case of a 19 piece reduction in the number of upper auction, the turnover was the same as that of the same period last year. In addition, 45.45% of the completed lots exceeded the pre auction valuation, especially most of the items with a valuation of less than 1 million pounds, which triggered fierce competition on that night.

    Among the top 10 in the show were David Hockney, Jean Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Christopher wool and Yves Klein's works, each sold for more than 6 million pounds (US $7.78 million), but they were all sold near the lowest valuation without much surprise.



Water Spray by David Hockney, 1966

Valuation: £ 20-30 million
Transaction price: 24.117 million pounds

    It is worth mentioning that David Hockney's "the splash" sold for 24.117 million pounds (equivalent to 217 million yuan) and the most valued "crown" of the London art season. Liu Luan Hsiung, a wealthy Hong Kong businessman,
bought the painting for 2.9 million pounds in 2006. The price has risen nearly seven times in 14 years. It is an undisputed good deal, according to the report of the "Peng Bo".


    "Water flower" is the second of Hockney's trilogy on water and swimming pool. One of Hockney's most famous works, a bigger splash, is now in the collection of Tate's British Museum of art. It was exhibited in Beijing last year, and its composition is roughly the same as that of the last shot. A little splash, also made in 1966, is a private collection and never appeared on the set.


David Hockney, 1967

     Water spray was completed in late 1966, when Hockney's energy burst into a productive period, and was the master of California theme works at that time. The modernist architecture in the painting is surrounded by bright colors, and the diver only makes water spray, but there is no trace. The moment when he sinks into the water and splashes everywhere, it will always solidify on the canvas. The painter keeps the moment and eternity with his wonderful static state.


Adrian gunny's Guest, 2014
Transaction price: 4.184 million pounds

Adrian ghenie, a Romanian painter who was born in 1977, was the best high rated auction of the night. The auction started at 2 million pounds, and was pushed to 3.6 million pounds by four enthusiastic bidders, and finally sold for 4.1845 million pounds.


Adrian Ghenie


    The painter, who is just over 42, is fond of the theme of darkness, which shows us his thoughts on history and abuse of power. The visitor, for example, depicts Josef Mengele, one of the most infamous figures in Nazi Germany, which the artist uses as a symbol of evil incarnation and reproduces his escape to South America after the Second World War.


Vote for Love by banks in 2018
Transaction price: £ 1155000

    Banks, which broke the personal auction record in October last year, will not be absent from the first auction after brexit. Banks' work Vote for Love is also related to brexit. It was created by transforming the slogan "vote to leave" in the 2016 brexit campaign. The first auction was sold at 1.155 million pounds, which was more than double the valuation. The work was previously presented at the Royal College's banks Summer Exhibition with a price tag of 350 million pounds. The figure cites an advertisement in brexit claiming that leaving the EU would save NHS 350 million pounds a week.
    In addition to banks, there are many popular works in the market. For example, Wayne Thiebaud, who just broke his personal record for $8.5 million in November last year, sold his "fruit stand" for 1.815 million pounds that night. The work illustrates the artist's exploration of the joys, joys and sentimentality of the short American life in his career.


Wayne Tiber, Fruit Stand, 1963
Transaction price: 1.815 million pounds
    Julie Curtiss, a post-80s female artist who first appeared on the set last year and broke her personal record twice, made her debut in London. Her mysterious and funny "witch" sold for 162500 pounds. Last year, Eddie Martinez, who had many followers in Asia, was also very popular in London. His work "experimental mentality" sold 615000 pounds (equivalent to 5.534 million yuan) that night, which was five times more than the valuation.


Eddie Martinez, Experimental Psychology, 2009

Transaction price: £ 615000


A.R.Penke Land of Eagles I, 1981
Transaction price: 531000 
    Maurizio Cattelan's life size sculpture untitled, which was notorious for last year's banana incident, sold 1.515 million pounds, double the highest auction price. The winning female image in the work was hung on the doorframe, copying the classic photos of Francesca Woodman. A.R. Penck's Land of Eagles I, which first appeared on the auction floor, sold for 531000 pounds, setting a new record for the German artist.


Untitled by Maurizio Cattelan, 2007
Transaction price: £ 1515000

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