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Record Breaking Young Female Artists Christie's Collection of Contemporary Art in London: 511 Million yuan

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    On the evening of February 12, Christie's post-war and Contemporary Art Evening auction held a hammer. Only one of the 56 auction pieces failed to be sold, with a turnover rate of 98.2%. However, due to the lack of star auction, the turnover of the fair was nearly a quarter less than that of the same period last year, to 56.2 million pounds (equivalent to 511 million yuan). Overall, the auction continues to reinforce the impression that the contemporary art market has shrunk towards the so-called mid market price range (below $5 million).


Andy Warhol Muhammad Ali acrylic screen ink linen 101.6x101.6cm, 1977
Transaction price: 4.97 million
    The most expensive part of the night was the portrait of Muhammad Ali commissioned by the late West Coast collector Richard L. Weisman and sold for 4.97 million pounds, close to the highest estimate. At the request of Mr. Weisman, the artist depicted the top ten sports figures, including Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jack Nicklaus and O.J. Simpson. These works were also shot on the scene and all of them were sold.
    Jean Michel Basquiat's mosque sold for 3.9 million pounds, below the lowest estimate, but remained at the top of the night. The same is true of sigma Polke's Untitled, which reached 3.13 million pounds, but also failed to meet the minimum estimate. David Hockney's 2006 iPad landscape "walnut tree" was sold at a slightly over estimate of 3.25 million pounds, ranking fourth on the show.


David Hockney's Walnut Tree, 2006
Transaction price: 3.25 million


Mission Rohrfrei (down periscope), by Albert Ehren in 1996
Transaction price: 3.191 million pounds

Mission Rohrfrei (down periscope), created by Albert oehlen in 1996, continued the artist's strong market operation, and finally ranked among the top ten prices of the artist with an over estimated transaction price of 3.19 million pounds.

Of course, high price is the key indicator to measure the success or failure of an auction. However, the climax of the real fierce competition of this auction is still gathered in a group of young artists who are rising, many of whom have set new records.





Jordan Castile

"Mom" by Jordan Casteel, a female artist born in the United States in 1989, sold for 515200 pounds, which not only far exceeded the valuation, but also set a record for the artist. Casteel has been trying to expand our understanding of black men through a series of paintings that depict various states - playing at home, barber shops, playing in the streets, or in a trance, chatting with women, selling homemade oil and cream, focusing on daily details.


"Free time" by sabarala selver, 2015
Transaction price: 212500


Sabarala Selver

Another young American artist, tschabalala self, who was born in 1990, made her debut in "free time", which attracted great interest from potential buyers. Six telephone bidders took part in the auction, and they were sold at a price of 170000 and a commission of 212500, which was more than twice the valuation. In October 2019, she just set a new record in New York with $486400, and the market is still very keen on her.


Dana Schutz Kissing in the Garbage


Dana Schutz

Kissing in the Garbage by American female artist b.1976 Dana Schutz, which caused great controversy at the 2017 Whitney bienna, broke through the highest estimate and sold for 695000 pounds. Cecily Brown's "girl trouble" earned 1.482 million pounds.RW1Q2nqSkW5Kcg87FCXzKwvk7vFWBZn5Q8txxzUv.jpg

Untitled by Gunther Fogg, 1990
Transaction price: £ 1.33 million

    German artist g ü nther f ü RG's "Untitled" wood painting sold for 1.33 million pounds, adding hundreds of thousands of pounds to the auction record. Another 13 foot wide piece, Untitled, was sold for 731200 pounds. Antonio t à pies, the famous Spanish avant-garde painter and sculptor, created a new record for the artist in the mid-1970s, selling for 851200 pounds.


Antonio Tapies, Pantola Del Cooper, 1970
Transaction price: £ 851200


Shawn Scully The Long Light Red Wall 2013
Transaction price: £ 1031000

Artists who were popular in Asia also performed well, with calls from the region bidding for the night. Eddie Martinez's cannibal eyes sold for 34725, more than twice the highest estimate. Sean Scully's wall of light red bar (2013) sparked a bidding war and was later sold for 1.031 million pounds. Large paintings like this originated from Scully's watercolor paintings after a trip to Mexico in 1983. Nara Meizhi's disc painting "Late at Night" sold for 2.291 million pounds.


"Late at night" by Nara Meizhi, acrylic cotton mounted on fiber reinforced plastic 180 x 180x26.5cm, 2004
Transaction price: 2.291 million pounds

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