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909 million yuan! Beijing Poly's auction of antique night show in autumn of 2019

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At 11:00 p.m. on December 4, the moment of hammer dropping
The scene was very popular
    After nearly 8 hours of auction, Beijing Poly's autumn auction of antiques super night auction in 2019 came to a successful conclusion. A total of 195 auction pieces were put on sale in five special sessions, with an average turnover rate of 97.22%. This season's super night auction of antiques and curios has reaped more than 909 million yuan. So far, Beijing Poly's autumn auction in 2019 has reached 2.998 billion yuan, which has surpassed the total turnover of Beijing Poly in spring auction in 2019 by 28.35% 100 million yuan.     
What is particularly rare is that all the high valued auction items in this season have been successfully completed, and 19 tens of millions of auction pieces have been produced; for leisure use, all the auction items of Jiansong pavilion's selected study and famous articles, xiaoyaozuo, ten lingbishanju and overseas famous collections of furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties have been completed, and two white gloves have been obtained, driving the atmosphere of the whole night auction.


In addition, the spring auction of Beijing Poly antiques in 2019 yielded 1.08 billion yuan, the best record in history. Among them, 205 pieces of Beijing Poly's curio night in spring auction in spring of 2019, with a total turnover of 850 million yuan, an average transaction rate of 89%, and 18 tens of millions of auction pieces were born. Compared with the auction of antiques in the spring and autumn of 2019, we can see that Beijing Poly's Auction of Antiques in Autumn of 2019 continues to maintain a strong growth trend.

Beijing Poly Auction Yugong II in Autumn 2019——Qianlong Imperial Color "always report good news" bottle with Five Blessings and Five Dynasties


Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong made Foreign Color and Gold Engraved Round Shaped Vase with Open Light and Internal Painting of "always reporting good news" with Double Dragon Ears and Heart turning Bottle
"Qianlong Year System of the Qing Dynasty"
H 38.1cm
Consultation price
Transaction price: 92 million yuan


In the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, there were three statues of Amitabha Amitabha, White Tara and Green Tara (a group of three statues) with a height of 29.5cm, a height of 29.8cm and a height of 29.5cm
Valuation: 15-25 million yuan
Transaction price: 29.9 million yuan


Red gourd bottle with dragon pattern in glaze of Qianlong of Qing Dynasty
The height is 30.2cm
Valuation: 12-22 million yuan
Transaction price: 17.25 million yuan


In Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, the blue and white blue and white round longevity vase with a height of 50.5cm
Valuation: 12-18 million yuan
Transaction price: 16.1 million yuan


The colorful green land in Qianlong of Qing Dynasty
Valuation: 8-15 million yuan
Transaction price: 13.8 million yuan


The height of the vase is 66.5cm
Valuation: 8-12 million yuan
Transaction price: 12.075 million yuan


Luduan, made by Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty, is 78.5cm in height
Valuation: 8-12 million yuan
Transaction price: 10.695 million yuan

The biggest contributions to this season's super night show of antique treasures are "Yugong I - Daming · gegu special show" and "Yugong II - Qianlong imperial made foreign color" always happy "revolving heart bottle, five blessings and Five Dynasties Qing palace's Secret hall. The average transaction rate is 94%, and the total turnover of the two shows is nearly 475 million yuan, accounting for more than half of the total performance of the antique curio night show. This season's antique plate has attracted much attention before the shooting of the Qing Dynasty's Qianlong imperial blue and gold carving group with open light and internal painting of "always reporting good news" double dragon ears. The auction started at 29 million yuan on the spot. The on-site one-off price was increased to 60 million yuan, 66 million yuan, 68 million yuan and 70 million yuan. The price of 500 million yuan was increased to 73.5 million yuan, 75 million yuan, 76 million yuan, 76.5 million yuan and 80 million yuan. Finally, it was sold with 92 million yuan plus commission. It was competed by 8068 brand collectors. This brand gained a lot in antique night show, including "xiaoyaozuo - ten Lingbi Mountain Residence and overseas famous collection "Ming and Qing furniture" special session second place, 13.8 million yuan deal in the end of the Ming and early Qing Dynasty huanghuali cirrus belt mud painting case.

Beijing Poly Auction Yugong I in Autumn of 2019——Top Three Transaction Prices of Daming Gegu


Ming Xuande Blue and White Cloud Dragon Pattern Sunflower Petal Washing Width of 18.7cm
Consultation price
Transaction price: 69 million yuan


Yongle Bronze Gilded Four Armed Manjusri Bodhisattva seated 21cm high
Valuation: 8-10 million yuan
Transaction price: 18.975 million yuan



Mingchenghua green color dragon plate with diameter of 20.5cm
Valuation: 12-22 million yuan
Transaction price: 14.95 million yuan
    From the category point of view, blue and white porcelain and monochromatic glaze are very popular with collectors. The blue and white cloud dragon pattern sunflower petal washing in Xuande of the Ming Dynasty and the famille blue glazed hollow carving of peony and banana leaf Ruyi pattern in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty all sold for 69 million yuan, ranking second in the antique super night show. Mingxuande blue and white cloud dragon pattern sunflower petal washing of North America's ten faceted lingbishanju collection was auctioned in the form of consultation price, with a starting price of 39 million yuan. After several leaping bidding, it quickly reached 50 million yuan and entered into a fierce battle. With 60 million yuan of hammers and commission, the final transaction was RMB 69 million yuan, and the collector of No. 8878 brand won.
    The latest  auction of Sotheby's in Hong Kong was on October 23, 2005, No. 339. It was sold at a high price of HK $28.12 million, with an increase of more than 2 times after 15 years.
If you take a closer look at the "ten sides of view - meiyintang and ten lingbishan dwellings, the top four are all monochromatic glaze. In particular, the Yongzheng pink blue glaze string pattern water chestnut bottle supported by Hu Huichun and Zhang Zongxian was more than twice undervalued before the super auction, with a transaction price of 41.4 million yuan.

Beijing Poly's Autumn 2019 Auction of "Ten Aspects of View -- meiyintang and Ten Lingbishan's Famous Tibetan Porcelain Elegant Storage" with a Transaction Price of more than 10 million Pieces




Qing Dynasty Qianlong famille blue glaze carving peony banana leaves Ruyi pattern long neck bottle
"Qianlong year of the Qing Dynasty" h32.5cm
Consultation price
Transaction price: 69 million yuan



Qing Dynasty Yongzheng pink blue glaze string pattern water chestnut bottle, 28cm high
Valuation: 16-26 million yuan
Transaction price: 41.4 million yuan



Cowpea red glaze pan bottle, apple Zun, Raphani Zun, chrysanthemum vase, willow leaf bottle, Taibai Zun, printing box, boring Gong washing eight piece sets (eight sizes) are different
"Kangxi year system of the Qing Dynasty"
Valuation: RMB 25000000-3500000
Transaction price: 35.075 million yuan



Qing Dynasty Yongzheng famille blue glaze relief chrysanthemum petal string pattern bottle, 23.7cm high
Valuation: 11-18 million yuan
Transaction price: 20.7 million yuan



Mouth washing of eight sunflowers from Yuanguan kiln
Valuation: 6-10 million yuan
Transaction price: 10.925 million yuan


In Jiaqing period of Qing Dynasty, the vase was 29.5cm in height
Valuation: 7-10 million yuan
Transaction price: 10.235 million yuan



    This autumn, Jiansong Pavilion and Beijing Poly once again jointly launched a special "leisure for use: Jiansong Pavilion selected famous articles of study". A total of 48 pieces of exquisite works were sold on the auction, with a total turnover of 30986750 yuan. The premium of auction products was quite high, and most of them were sold at three or four times the estimated value. The red sandalwood inlaid gold birdcage was produced by Jin Sanwei, a famous cage maker in Suzhou of the Republic of China. The auction started at 650000 yuan, dropped the hammer for 1.85 million yuan, and finally sold for 2.275 million yuan with commission. The price was underestimated by 3.5 times before the auction, winning the championship.



Red sandalwood inlaid gold bird cage made of jinsanwei
Size: length 20cm, width 20cm, height 22cm, weight 253g
Valuation: 600000-800000
Transaction price: 2127500 yuan




Jingongbei, Zhongkui, Luo Zhenyu, seal script, Chu songchuang, inscription on fan bone
Size: length 33.5cm, width 2.3cm, height 2.6cm, weight 59G
Valuation: 300000-400000 yuan
Transaction price: 1.725 million yuan
    Jinxiya carving, jingongbei painting Zhongkui's fan bone (more than 5 times the low price before shooting) and the Ming Huanghua pear scroll cloud pattern Qin table on the cover of the show were all sold for 1.725 million yuan, and they were tied for the second place in the competition. It is worth mentioning that the image of Zhong Kui on the fan bone of jinxiya was painted by Jin Gongbei a few days before his death in 1926. Xiya's handwriting remains, and his friend Chu Deyi is asked to inscribe his inscription to commemorate it. The rubbing is published in hushe monthly, which is kept by Jin Xiya and handed down. It is the unique and deeply commemorative bamboo carving work.
Ming Huang Hua Li Juan Yun Wen Qin table
Size: 138.8cm in length, 42.8cm in width and 77cm in height
Valuation: 1200000-1800000
Transaction price: 1.725 million yuan

After that, 24 pieces of exquisite furniture including huanghuali furniture, red sandalwood furniture and beech wood furniture were included in the "xiaoyaozuo - ten Lingbi Mountain Residence and overseas famous collection of important Ming and Qing furniture". All of them were sold, and then white gloves were obtained. Three more than ten million auction items were produced. Most of them had a premium, and the total turnover was RMB 79016500. Among them, the five screen arhat bed with Kui dragon pattern carved from red sandalwood in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty started with 7 million yuan, 13.5 million hammers were knocked down, and 8878 brand collectors won the championship. Mr. Philip cardeiro's old collection of paintings of Huanghua pear with cloud pattern and mud support in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties started shooting with 6.5 million yuan, 12 million hammers, plus commission, and finally sold for 13.8 million yuan, ranking the second place; Eskenazi's old collection of six column shelf bed with flower pattern of Huanghua pear group in the early Qing Dynasty was sold for 10.925 million yuan, ranking the third.



Five screen arhat bed with red sandalwood and Kui dragon pattern in Qianlong of Qing Dynasty
Valuation: 6-8 million yuan
Transaction price: 15.525 million yuan


The painting case of huanghuali with curly cloud pattern and mud support in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties
Valuation: 6-9 million yuan
Transaction price: 13.8 million yuan


A six column shelf bed with flower patterns of Pyrrhus chinensis in early Qing Dynasty
Valuation: 5-8 million yuan
Transaction price: 10.925 million yuan

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