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Brexit Negative Reversal? In 2020, Christie's Late Auction in London will Gain 968 Million yuan

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Compared with the relatively dull situation of Sotheby's the previous night, Christie's "Impressionism and modern art late shooting" and "surreal late shooting" in London on the evening of February 5 showed the art market's resistance to short-term risks and uncertainties. A total of 49 items were sold in the two special sessions, with a total of 106.8 million pounds (equivalent to RMB 968 million yuan), with a turnover rate of 83.67%. Not only the main transaction data was basically the same as the same period last year, but the buyers even showed more enthusiasm and generosity to some new hot spots. With the rapid changes of global political and economic environment and the continuous emergence of black swans, art (especially top art) has become a good choice for many capital to avoid risks.

Generally speaking, in 2020, Christie's chose the popular artists of last year as the main theme to test the reaction of collectors and the market trend, and this safety card has also achieved good results. For example, the most eye-catching deal of that night came from R é n é Magritte, whose 1962 work "meet with happiness" after a fierce tug of war, more than doubled its valuation by 18.933 million pounds (equivalent to 171 million yuan). This painting combines several of the most iconic patterns of Magritte's life: top hat, moonlit night, man's back, etc., and was bought directly from the artist shortly after his creation. After being hidden for more than 50 years, it appeared on the set for the first time. Including this one, a total of 7 pieces of Magritte's works went on sale that night, and all of them were sold and gained 30.215 million pounds, accounting for 30% of the turnover of that evening.



Rene Magritte's Meeting with Happiness painted canvas 46x55cm, 1962
Transaction price: 18.933 million pounds
The second most expensive piece was Tamara de lepicka's portrait of Marjorie Ferri, which was sold for 16.28 million pounds after continuous bidding, which broke the artist's auction record. It is worth mentioning that this is the second time LAN Bijia has set a new personal record in the past year. The last record was set by Sotheby's autumn auction in New York for $13.362 million.


Lanbijia, a female painter from Poland, has taken a completely different path from Picasso in the exploration of Cubism, and has gained a lot of attention in the recent market with her highly decorative female portraits. Marjorie Ferri, a Paris born British singer and dancer, was commissioned by her new husband, a wealthy financier, in 1932 and acquired by fashion designer Wolfgang Joop.


Alberto Giacometti's Three Walking Men (big platform) bronze carving is dark brown, with a height of 72 cm
It was conceived in 1948 and produced six numbered bronze versions. In 1950, the work was made
Transaction price: 11272500

In third place was Alberto Giacometti's three walkers (big platform), which sold for 11.2725 million pounds. The sculpture, conceived in 1948 and cast in 1950, is one of Giacometti's most famous multi person works, and this is the sixth version.



George g. Roz's dangerous road oil canvas 47.3x65.3cm, July 1918
Transaction price: 9.74 million

In addition, there were many other impressive deals that night. For example, George Grosz's dangerous road sold for 9.74 million pounds that night, six times higher than his 1996 record. The dangerous road was created in 1918, during the first World War. The artist created about 20 paintings with the theme of Berlin night view. This work is one of the rare survivors. In that "era of destruction", the artist skillfully captured the strange scene of a big city in the moral and social chaos.



Luis Aktan's Eau De Toilette oil painting 92x73cm 1889
Transaction price: £ 1331500

The French artist Luis Aktan also has a fresh record. His painting, Eau De Toilette, traded at 1 million 331 thousand and 500 pounds, not only exceeding two times the value, but also much higher than its previous record. Ankertan was active in Montmartre in the late 18th and early 20th centuries. Like lautrek, he liked to depict French Moulin Rouge and women. His close friends included Emil Bernard, lautrek and Van Gogh.


Salvador Dali untitled (sailing boat in port lijiat) painted canvas 45.9x57.2cm, 1960
Transaction price: £ 1811000
In the Surrealist show that began later, the works of Max Ernst, Francis Picabia and Salvador Dal í achieved remarkable results. Dali's recently discovered rare self portrait untitled (sailing boat in port lijiat) sold for 1.811 million pounds, while Ernst's view of the view was sold for 2.513 million pounds.


Rene Magritte's perspective: Manet's balcony painted canvas 80x60cm, 1949
Transaction price: 3.7247 million

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