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After Brexit, the Market for the First Shot of Sotheby's Modern Art in London Closed at 455 Million yuan

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On the evening of February 4, Sotheby's "Impressionism & Modern & surreal art auction" in London successfully held a hammer, which was the first important art auction after Britain's "brexit". As many details of brexit between the UK and the EU have yet to be settled, the auction, shrouded by strong uncertainty, was not strong: 29 of the 33 lots were successfully sold, with a turnover rate of 87.9%, and the total turnover was 49.903 million pounds (equivalent to 455 million yuan). Although this achievement exceeded the pre auction estimate, the turnover fell by 42% compared with the same period last year, which shows the strong risk aversion sentiment in the art market (especially in the high-end market).


The most direct impact of brexit on the art market is that the flow of art between the UK and the EU will require more customs registration documents, import and export licenses or EU pre certification, and pay more tariffs. It seems that everything has become more troublesome, but it is not enough to shake the trading rules of the art auction market. As the auction house shows: rare and wonderful masterpieces are still in demand, but at a price of several million pounds, works of art that are neither cheap nor must be bought have become scarce.


Camille bisaro's the frost, The Peasant Girl is Making a Fire, painted canvas 92.8x92.5cm, 1888
Transaction price: 13.296 million

The highlight of the auction came from the art collection of Gaston L é vy, the patron and collector of art, which were recently returned to Levi's descendants after their diaspora during the Nazi occupation. Among them, Camille Pissarro's 1888 painting "the frost falls, the peasant girl is making a fire" was sold for 13.296 million pounds (equivalent to 121 million yuan), which took six months to complete. It is different from most of bisaro's works. It uses in-depth understanding of the new scientific color theory to deduce a wonderful work.


Paul seneck's Golden Corner, Morning, oil canvas 73x92cm, 1907
Transaction price: 7.601 million
Paul signac's work, which broke the auction record last year, also performed well. His 1907 Golden Corner, morning, was sold at a price of 7.601 million pounds. There are 12 oil paintings with the title of Golden Corner Bay. The brilliant and bright composition of the painting is the characteristic of his late works, which shows the influence of Fauvism. Schneick's early work, Clichy quay, overcast, also from Levi's collection, performed better, doubling its valuation by 1.335 million pounds. Its sister work, Clichy quay, sunny day, is now in the Baltimore Museum of art.


Paul seneck's Clichy quay, Cloudy Day, oil canvas, 46x65.5cm, 1887
Transaction price: £ 1335000


Franz Mark's Two Blue Donkeys (horse and donkey) in gouache paper 38.3x30.5cm, written in 1912
Transaction price: 4.07 million

German expressionist Franz Marc's Two Blue Donkeys (horse and donkey) sparked a long and fierce bidding battle that night, from hundreds of thousands to 4.07 million pounds, three times higher than the estimate. Created in 1912, just a year after Wassily Kandinsky founded the der Blaue Reiter, the painting also shows a central theme of Mark's career, the animal kingdom.


Van Gogh's painting of A Peasant Woman Sitting on the canvas is 32.2x25cm, made in 1885
Transaction price: 1.1m

On top of that, four Van Gogh paintings and sketches from a major American collector earned 2.9 million pounds, of which the only painting, a small and memorable 1885 portrait, was sold for 1.1 million pounds.


Pike Koch's Garden of Florence oil painting 62.5x77.5cm, 1938

Transaction price: 555000 (new record)

For surreal artists, it was a good night. Dutch artist Pyke Koch's "Florence garden" fetched a new record price of 555000 pounds. This garden, which seems to come from a dream, is a memorable masterpiece of surrealism. Its inspiration comes from the famous villa La pietra manor in the Renaissance, and the artist reinterprets it as surreal style.


Still life by Fernand Leige: oil canvas 65x54cm, 1923
Transaction price: 2.4m
Fernand L é ger's dynamic canvas still life sold for 2.4 million pounds, followed by another work, the bust, which found a new owner for 1.7 million pounds. These outstanding works come from the most creative period of Leger's career. At this time, he began to combine organic elements with his early attempts in geometric form under the tradition of early still life and figure painting, which made Leger famous in art history. On the artist's 138 birthday, the two paintings sold for more than 4 million pounds.
Other modern masters who have been successful at the auction include Jean Metzinger's excellent bike rider, which set a new artist's auction record for 3 million pounds, and Joan Mir ó's fantastic man and bird in front of the sun for 2.4 million pounds.
Jean jean jean jean jean jean Jean Jacques
Transaction price: 3.015 million pounds (new record)

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