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Consignment Auction

Consignment Auction

1. Call for shooting:

Auction announcement:
Through the company's official website to release the auction announcement, determine the auction time, auction location, auction category and other related information, collect auction products for global collectors.
Auction area:
At present, the auction places are not limited to: Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, the United States and other regions. The specific auction places shall be subject to the company's auction announcement.
Shooting tips:
Sale channel: auction (the only channel is auction, no acquisition and private transaction.)
Whether to charge: charge (there are preliminary expenses, families with special diseases and difficulties, please invest carefully.)
2. Shooting process:
Step 1: add the official wechat message on the company's page, indicating your name, telephone number and collection picture.
Step 2: preliminarily check whether the collection pictures meet the basic requirements of taking pictures. If so, I will contact you by phone or wechat.
Step 3: after contacting you, please arrange time to bring the collection to our company for face-to-face verification of the authenticity of the collection (naked eye identification, free visual identification of the company, no instrument identification is required, and the Seller guarantees the authenticity of the collection.) The collection has passed the examination and approval, and will cooperate with the company for auction, sign a trust contract, and pay for it, and wait for the auction.
3. Product evaluation:
A auction delivery: make an appointment with the staff after confirming the auction, and deliver the auction target to the collection office designated by both parties.
B inform in advance: collectors have the obligation and must inform in advance of the authenticity and legal source of the auction target, and shall not cheat or conceal the defects of the auction. In case of legal and other related disputes, the Seller shall be responsible for it. (important)
4. Signing contract:
A set price: the name, size, description, customer certificate and other information of the collection are agreed by both parties after negotiation. The starting price and reserve price of the subject matter shall be determined by the customers themselves.
B. signing the contract: after reaching an agreement, both parties shall sign the entrustment agreement and contract to participate in the latest auction designated by Party A.
C payment fee: this service is a paid service. After the service contract is signed, the operation service fee shall be paid. The service fee shall be subject to the official charge standard.
D. abide by the contract: after the mutual confirmation of both parties, the entrusted auction service contract will be signed, and both parties will automatically abide by the contract terms, rights and obligations.
5. Investment planning:
After the collection of auction targets is completed, the global investment promotion will be started according to the characteristics of the auction products and the preferences of different buyers and collectors.
6. Catalogue production:
After the auction collection is completed, the number of auction targets will be counted, and comprehensive planned publicity and promotion will be carried out according to the category and grade of the auction products, such as taking photos, making catalogues, typesetting, printing and sending.
7. Network Preview:
After the completion of the production of the auction catalogue, the auction will be open to the world through the Internet, and will be publicized and promoted. Advantages: no regional restrictions, you can browse the price and related information.
8. Announcement:
Seven working days before the auction, an auction announcement shall be issued to inform the auction time, place and number of auctions.
9. Live preview:
Before the auction, the auction will be pre displayed, the auction information will be browsed, and the auction target will be observed and the collection will be checked before auction. If some of the collections are collected by the prohibited departments of various countries and regions, the pictures can be replaced for preview.
10. Holding an auction:
On the day of the designated auction, public auction shall be conducted at the designated public venue. The intending auctioneer shall pay the auction deposit at the specified time in advance, receive the auction number plate, and bid for the intended auction.
11. Item settlement:
After the completion of the auction, the buyer shall complete the payment within seven working days and start the settlement of goods payment. If there are other reasons, the payment can be delayed to 30 days.
12. Delivery subject:
If the auction object is delivered after the settlement of the article, it shall be delivered after confirming that there is no objection to the auction object. If you have any objection, please inform the relevant staff of our company within 30 days.
13. After work:
After the auction, if there is no transaction of the collection, it can be traded through negotiation. If there is no intention of transaction, the company's collection will be kept for 30 days, and the seller will take back the auction after 30 days.

Affirming: if the collection is to be auctioned, please contact customer service. We will take care of it as soon as possible.